Selected Music


A Journey of Sound and Rhythm: Volume One (2013)


Acoustic, World Rhythm, Instrumental, Yoga 


This album is intended to help facilitate the perfect flow to accompany an hour-long yoga class but can be used for many other personal practices and group activities. It's great music for any active, moving meditation or focused relaxation. 8 tracks, 72 minutes.

MUSIC REVIEW: "My favorite album of the year! Your album is the most beautiful music I ever heard... I have been singing with it everyday. So centering and sensitive, the gentle grooves made of shakers and metal drums are a perfect accompaniment for the voice or any other instrument. The beauty of this sound journey is that it awakens your musical life to the power of participation, and is open to all levels of listening. Jason is a master of entrainment, and in this album offers us both the time and the steady pulse to transcend all conditions and listen to the creative-self we're born with."

~ Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT (Grammy-nominated composer)


"Sounds of the Unseen" by Source (2016)

Tuning Forks, Instrumental, Experimental 


This album was created by the Resonance Center team using tuning forks, performed live, and recorded with close-proximity microphones. Composed and performed by Alan Tower, Kim Riccelli, David Bergeaud, and J. K. Norris. 10 tracks, 62 minutes.


We had the tuning forks custom-made by MediVibe Technology, based on the mathematical ratios developed by Mark Deutsch. We also developed specialized tuning fork holders, or Sound Sculptors, engineered to organize arrays of tuning forks in chord clusters, which provide the bed of sound for the music. Individual forks create the melody and intersecting polyrhythms.


(Album front cover is a cymatic image from Alexander Lauterwasser, cymatic scientist and author of Water Sound Images.)


Casual Saints Theme Song (2018)

Progressive Rock, Singer-Songwriter 


This composition was commissioned by Casual Saints to be used as a theme song for its world-wide talk magazine broadcast. Lyrics by Michael D. Austin. Music arrangement, performance, and vocals by J. K. Norris. Instrumentation includes cajon, bass, electric guitar, and vocals. 1 track, 1 minute.


Integral Voodoo Ancestral Trance (2012)

Acoustic, Drumming, Trance, Ritual 


This piece was commissioned by and created for Integral Voodoo's telecourse "Fundamentals of Working with the Ancestors" as background music to support their trancework during ritual. 1 track, 29 minutes.


As an outsider to the cultural tradition, I was asked to create this based on my research into using the power of drumming to help induce altered (ecstatic trance) states. This is a live, improvisational recording.


WARNING: May be jarring and/or disorienting. 


Instrumentation includes mother drum, shakers, rattles, ankle bells, dead (loose skin) drum, buffalo drum, and voice.

SONG LYRICS: Courage is just a single step away / Someone left footprints / When his soul was set ablaze / Casual Saints / Casual Saints / When you're flooded by crazies / Feel your feet and breathe deep / The world's not falling apart / You just jump-started your Heart / Bolts of light thrill right through you / Take courage / Hold courage


"Patterns" by Della Terra (2011)

Progressive Rock, Indie, Melodic, Odd-Time 


Della Terra simply means "of the earth." Originally, the band formed in 2005 as Aegis Integer and released one album, "Sandtimer," before changing their name for this second album release. 8 tracks, 35 minutes.


J. K. Norris - Lead Vocals, Bass, Backup Vocals

Danny Badorine - Guitars, Effects
David Blanchard - Drums, Backup Vocals, Keyboard


"Sandtimer" by Aegis Integer (2007)

Progressive Rock, Indie, Melodic, Odd-Time, Esoteric 


This completely self-produced work can be described as esoteric, intellectual, progressive, album rock. The opening track, "Ouroboros," is over 11 minutes long! What other people say this project sounds like: Rush, King Crimson, Dredg, A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, etc. 8 tracks, 54 minutes.


J. K. Norris - Lead Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboard

Danny Badorine - Guitars, Effects, Backup Vocals
David Blanchard - Drums, Nylon String Guitar, Backup Vocals


"One is the All, and of it, the All, and in it, the All. All is One."


A Journey of Sound and Rhythm: Volume Two (2014)

Acoustic, World Rhythm, Instrumental, Moving Meditation 


This piece was intended to be the opening track on A Journey of Sound and Rhythm: Volume 2; however, the project was never finished. As a pre-release audio, this is a rough mix (unmastered) version that is available for free download, not for commercial use. 1 track, 11 minutes 46 seconds.


Instrumentation includes mother drum, shakers, rattles, singing bowl, moyo drums, pueblo drum, djembe, ankle bells, and hand chimes.


Composed and performed by J. K. Norris

Recorded by Danny Badorine

Released April 17, 2014

All rights reserved