MindBody Mapping with Human Design


2/4 Hermit Opportunist. Sacral Generator. Triple Split Definition. Right Angle Cross of Penetration (57/51|53/54). Quarter of Duality. PRR-DLR. Open Taste PHS. Cognition: Outer Vision. Environment: Blended Caves. Perspective: Possibility. Sense: Meditation. Trajectory: Separatist. Archetype: Teacher.


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As your ally, I'm here to help make sense of past confusions, initiate a path of discovery, and support the beginnings of transformation.


My motivation is to alleviate your fears by establishing a foundation of knowledge that can help you get to the bottom of things.

Integrative Bodygraph Analysis


Along with my academic background in psychology, consciousness studies, and entrainment dynamics, I have extensive Human Design knowledge. Using a "bodygraph" to help people map out their conscious and unconscious life patterns in support of their personal decision-making process, I offer a sophisticated kind of integrative analysis for people's lives.



Often the best place to start, an overview orients you to the main components of the Bodygraph and gives the basics of your overall design (e.g., conscious vs. unconscious, type, strategy, authority, definition, profile).



This is one of the most compelling aspects of the system in terms of radical implications for primary health, including dietary regimen, digestion, activity levels, optimal environment, and cognitive potential.



The system is based on recognizing the profound depth of "not-self" mental conditioning, which includes your perspective, areas of distraction, motivation, transference, sense perception, and learning styles.



Connection analysis shows the general relationship themes between 2 people and explores any specific areas of companionship, dominance, compromise, or electromagnetic sparks. Aura-to-aura communication styles.



This approach can be particularly useful in helping parents understand their children and how to best deal with the relationship dynamics that can emerge in household partnerships or within the family as a whole. 



Using an organizational management model, the system can point you toward your personal career profile and help develop the ideal business team (particularly good for start-ups involving 3-5 people).



Deep areas of analysis exist for things like your sleep health and dreams, your life's trajectory and story line, incarnation crosses, decisions around death and dying, and even how to work with the support of plants and pets.



As a yearly check-up, annual "life cycle" reviews can reveal the potential changing thematics and environmental shifts for you each year (recommended 3 months before your birthday).


With the complexities of the system and what it represents, I do not follow a standard protocol for everyone because each person is different. My approach as an independent consultant is to stay receptive and responsive to whatever area feels correct for us to holistically address. Typically, I work well with those who are ready to openly delve into the substructure of their body mechanics through an in-depth integrative support process. 


I invite you to contact me for further information. Customized sessions are available. Consultancy packages can be developed for personal work or professional projects. Delivery options include in-depth written analysis via PDF, live online sessions via Zoom, or questions and answers via email or chat. Accurate birth data is required. Donation-based sliding scale.

A MindBody Map to Your Uniqueness


Know yourself. Recognize others. Feel your impact. See what's different.


In the words of the system's founder, Human Design is "something different that makes a difference." It is a modern synthesis of many ancient wisdom traditions and serves as a practical tool for embodied self-awareness.


Each of us has a unique way in which we are designed to be in this world and interconnect. Often, instead of being supported by others to maintain our own authority, we are conditioned by others to become something we are not. We are pressured to live a life that is not ours. Such conditioning can create psychological dilemmas and defenses, misguided behavior, stress, frustration, anger, bitterness, disappointment, and disease. The only path to healing, deconditioning, and self-love is living authentically as yourself.


How are you personally designed to take in and process different energies and information? What can you rely on within yourself to make the right decisions and maintain your optimal functioning? Where are your physical, mental, and emotional dilemmas? How does your behavior change in relationship with others? Do you know what's true for you?


Imagine if you had a user's manual for how to operate correctly as yourself. With awareness comes the capacity to transcend suffering. Human Design says: "Hey, look, this is the map of who you are, and it's OK to be you." It offers a personalized blueprint for the conscious and unconscious mind-body mechanics of your life, revealing how you are genetically imprinted with specific archetypes of the human experience. In that sense, the Human Design Bodygraph is a visual tool for consciousness mapping, which can be analyzed at individual, relational, and global levels.


Knowing your design is simple, but living authentically as yourself is not necessarily easy. There can be a lot of tension between your innate truth and what society has led you to believe. This knowledge is not for everyone, but it is available to anyone (especially for children). It is not a belief system. It is a living experiment meant just for you.


The first step is awareness.


Are you ready?


NOTE: I met Human Design in 2013, and it is my way of life. I was naturally called by others to share this knowledge as an independent integrative consultant. While I remain unaffiliated with HDS organizations, I have a high degree of integrity staying true to the founder's 20+ years of course teachings. My knowledge and training include Professional Analyst Levels I, II, III (6+ trimesters); Primary Health System (9+ trimesters); Rave Psychology (9+ trimesters); Holistic Analysis (3+ trimesters); Child Development, Family Penta, and Family Practice (3+ trimesters); BG5 Business (3 trimesters); DreamRave Analysis (4+ trimesters); Differentiation Degree Program (6+ trimesters); Rave Sociology (5+ trimesters); Rave Anatomy; Rave Biology and Nutrition; Codon Mapping; Mechanics of Sexuality; Design and Personality Resonance Mapping; Advanced Mechanics; Story Line; Variable; Base Theory and Juxtaposition; Global Cycles; and so much more. I'm also the creator-admin of the Human Design 2nd Line Profiles Facebook group, with 850+ members.


[ For more information about the Human Design System, its founder Ra Uru Hu, and further media resources, visit https://JovianArchive.com ] 

[ For an official foundation reading, living your design workshop, or general education course, visit https://ihdschool.com ]

"My thing is to deal with people who have problems that nobody else has been able to really solve for them, and to be able to offer them a radical way of being able to deal with that." 

~ Hu, R. U. (Primary Health System, Year 1, Semester 3 Lectures, 2006)