J. K. Norris, Ph.D.

Rhythm Psychology. Sonic Mysticism. MindBody Mapping.

Sound & Frequency

Rhythm as Flow


MindBody Mapping

Using the Human Design System, Dr. Norris helps others visually map out their conscious and unconscious life patterns toward self-awareness and optimal functioning. Every person can be seen as a bundle of frequencies. Cognition is a process of refinement. Healing is about realignment.

How we define consciousness can dramatically affect how we approach ourselves, each other, the world, what it means to live, and what it means to die. Consciousness is about our awareness, choice, and experience. Who are we in relation to self and other? Perspective is the key.

Rhythm can be traced back to Greek and Latin terms meaning "to flow." There is no movement without rhythm. At the physical level, rhythm is the oscillation of vibration (i.e., measured movement). At the metaphysical level, rhythm is the flow of life (i.e., lived interconnection).

Rhythm Psychology. Sonic Mysticism. Harmonic Evolution. Entrainment. Interpersonal Attunement. Nonlinear Sync. Spiritual Absortion. Resonance. Cymatics. Cell Sonics. Vibrational Medicine. Frequency Spectrum. Music Thanatology. Polyrhythm. Phonons. Deep Listening. Embodied Flow.

J. K. Norris, Ph.D.

Image by Enan Liang